Published Adventures

This page provides guidelines for all adventures published by Ulisses Spiele for The Dark Eye. Published adventures usually take 7 days on a character’s annual calendar, so the maximum number of adventures a character could complete in one year would be 51 – the 5 Nameless Days can only be used to complete Unique Scenarios each year. Characters used in published adventures set before 1042 FB must be built using 900 AP and Inexperienced limits. They can then accumulate AP as normal for the adventures. The earliest dated adventure played by a character sets the start date for that character’s calendar. Witch’s Dance is the earliest dated adventure available in Living Aventuria. The character’s calendar can be filled with mundane activities that can earn the player AP and/or money for all open days in any given year.

For example, if a character played in Witch’s Dance and Revelations from Heaven and the began playing in Living Aventuria 1042 FB scenarios, that character could theoretically complete 253 weeks of mundane activities! That’s 253 potential AP so a 900 AP character could end up at 1153 plus whatever they earned in Witch’s Dance and Revelations from Heaven.

All players who successfully complete an adventure receive certed boons tied to those games. These boons appear under each scenario. GM’s do not receive the player boons nor do they receive APs for running adventures in Living Aventuria but they do receive other limited boons including professions, spells, and liturgies, among other things.

Witch’s Dance – Ingerimm 1037 FB [7 days]

Player Boons – Look at me, I’m in a Coven! OR I’ve Seen the Dark Fae

Revelations from Heaven – Rahja 1037 FB [7 days]

Player Boons – Carrier of the Stone, Savior of TOWN NAME

Justice and Noble Valor – Praios 1038 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –

The Molted Serpent – Hesinde 1038 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –

A Goblin More or Less – Tsa 1038 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –

Emperor of Thieves – Phex 1038 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –

The Thorwal Drum – Phex 1038 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –


Player Boons –

Vampire of Havena – Any week in 1038, 1039, or 1040 FB [7 days]

Player Boons –


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