Living Aventuria at GenCon 2018

The first set of Unique scenarios will premiere at GenCon 2018 during the first week of August. Watch this space for more detailed information. There will be three slots offered, each with a different scenario, although all three are closely related. Character build guidelines as well as a list of generic characters available for players will all be posted here over the next several months.

Types of Scenarios

There will be three types of scenarios initially offered in Living Aventuria:

Common – these are replayable, even on the same character, and they are more generic activities. GMs are encouraged to personalize them for characters but they cover generally mundane activities like apprenticing with a craftsmen, hunting wild animals, farming, martial training, etc. Rewards will generally consist of money based on how successful the character is and AP that must be used for related skills/abilities. Greater rewards will be attainable after multiple repeats of the scenario. So, for example completing an apprentice scenario X times could lead to your promotion to journeyman.

Limited – these have limits as to how often the same character can repeat them or whether they are playable on several characters. An example would be an annual tournament. This would only be playable once a year but could possibly be played on several characters. Limited scenarios offer special rewards not present in Common scenarios.

Unique – these are one-time only events and may be related to a specific date or event. The adventures published by Ulisses Spiele will almost always be classed as Unique. You may complete each of these unique scenarios just once. Additionally, these scenarios are tied to specific game years and cannot, with few exceptions, be completed outside a twelve month window. There will be flashback opportunities at larger gaming gatherings so if you miss a specific unique there is a chance you’ll get to play it. Rewards in a unique are much better and characters can gain access to rare items, contacts with powerful individuals, and learn obscure lore and trade secrets.

First thoughts on the structure of OP

Each year of actual time will correspond with a year of in world time.

Players can play each seasonal LA scenario once. At the end of each year those seasonal scenarios are retired and a whole new group are introduced. Players can also play in more generic scenarios that are not tied to a specific game year. They cannot reply the same generic scenario on the same character but they can play them on additional characters.

All official TDE material produced by Ulisses Spiele is also playable in OP, although additional rules are used if the scenario is tied to a prior year.

GMs do not get APs for running scenarios, rather they gain access to story awards and other perks for their own characters.

The initial plan is to locate LA within the coastal city of Havena. Although this may change, the location offers a multitude of possibilities and is close to other important locations in Aventuria.