Character Creation Guidelines

Starting PCs must be built using 900AP and the Inexperienced limits according to the Core Rulebook. You can not save more than 10AP for after character creation. All options in the Core Rulebook as well as other English-language books published by Ulisses Spiele are legal for Living Aventuria play. In addition, the German-language books are also legal; however, the player is responsible for bringing either the physical book or a watermarked PDF of the product. The player is also responsible for having a reasonable English-language translation of the specific feature he or she wishes to use.

The starting year for Living Aventuria is 1042 and players should have a Tsa-day(birthday) assigned to their PC when they begin play. Players should also have an explanation as to why their PC is in Havena, the location of Living Aventuria 1042 scenarios.